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III: The Third Proof: John 1:3 "All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made."

(3) Jesus Christ is the Creator of all things; now, to be uncreated Creator of all things is to be God, therefore Jesus Christ is God. That is the meaning here. Jesus Christ is the One through Whom all things were made, therefore He is Eternal God like His Eternal Father and is One God with Him and His Spirit.

II: The Second Proof. John 1:2 "The same was in the beginning with God."

The Same Message is reiterated in this verse. It says that Jesus Christ was in the Beginning with God, taking the mind back to Genesis 1, before anything was created; i.e. He has no beginning, and was with God in the beginning. He was there with God before material light was made, He is God's own Eternal Word, the Creator not the creature, as was already referenced in the previous verse, and as the following verse makes even more clear. The Word of God, as uncreated Creator, was in the Beginning with God, which means He had no Beginning like God has no Beginning.
This thread is to provide Biblical Evidences/Proofs of the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, namely that He is (1) the Son of God (2) God (3) True God, (4) the Lord, etc. It can be useful in spreading the Gospel to (1) Jews (2) Muslims (3) JWs (Jehovah's Witnesses), (4) Arians etc. When providing a proof, please continue the numbering from the verses already provided by others. I'll start off with a few.

I. The First Proof: John 1:1 - Saint John the Apostle explicitly declares that Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word, was with God, and was God:

"1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

This verses clearly declares:

(1) Jesus Christ existed in or from the Beginning, like God in Gen 1:1, i.e. He is the Eternal God.
(2) This is confirmed in the 2nd part of the verse, He was the Eternal Word with the Eternal God.
(3) And in the third part of the verse, it is stated most explicitly, the Eternal Word, the Divine Logos, Our Lord Jesus Christ, was God. "And the Word was God" - the Word, Jesus Christ, was and is God.

Let no one therefore dare to say the Bible does not declare Jesus Christ to be God, for it most emphatically and plainly does in this passage. Let no one claim Christians allegedly invented the Divinity of Christ 300 or 500 years later, when here, this First Century Document and Gospel and First Century direct Apostle of Lord Jesus Christ, clearly declares it. St. John teaches that Jesus is God.


Please share your own verses. I will add more references and verses as we go along. May Christ Almighty bless you.
"The Thomistic Argument from Contingency: Mathematical Proof of God's Existence
Saint Thomas Aquinas gave a wonderful proof of God's Existence that is generally referred as the Argument from Contingency. It is the purpose of this article to propose this proof anew in a Mathematical Form for the edification of Christians and the destruction of Atheism.

1 Mathematical Formulation of the Contingency Principle
2 Further Elaboration/Explanation of the formulation
3 Corollary from the Mathematical Formulation of the Contingency Argument
4 References

Mathematical Formulation of the Contingency Principle
St. Thomas' argument from contingency may be formulated like this: if each contingently existing being considers himself Bn, then, because he exists contingently, he depends for his existence on a prior being B(n-1). Now, B(n-1) likewise, if it is contingent, depends on B(n-2). Nevertheless, this series cannot go on until Infinity. At a certain time, we will arrive at a B1, the First Being in existence, and since there is no "zeroth" Being or B0, B1 exists Necessarily, i.e. is not a contingent being. This was Aquinas' Third Way, under Question 2, Article 3 in the Summa Theologica[1]

Further Elaboration/Explanation of the formulation
Let's use the operator ~= to symbolize "is contingent/dependent on".

B(n) is Contingent, i.e. B(n)~=B(n-1)

But B(n-1), if it is contingent, is dependent on B(n-2), i.e. B(n-1)~=B(n-2)

Now, it is very clear this series cannot go on indefinitely.

At a certain time, we will come to B1, the First Being in Existence. It must now be observed that there is no such thing as a "0th" Being in Existence. It therefore follows clearly, logically, and mathematically that B1 is not a contingent being.

we now define the operator !~= to symbolize "is NOT contingent/dependent on".

Therefore, since there is no B0, then B1 !~= "B0", i.e. in words, B1 is a Necessarily Existent Being, not Contingent but Necessary.

Corollary from the Mathematical Formulation of the Contingency Argument
Now beings that begin and cease to exist, like human beings, clearly are contingent and not necessary. We showed above that B1 is not contingent being.

Contingent beings are thus temporal beings, because there is a certain moment in time when we began to exist and when we will cease to exist. But what we proved above about the Necessarily Existent Being shows He is a Being of a different order. He is an Eternally Existent Being, one who has always existed even before the beginning of time. How do we know this? Because B1 is Necessarily Existent, as we showed above.

Now, if contingent being are temporal beings, and the First Being/First Cause is non-contingent, He is thus Non-Temporal, i.e. Eternal.

We therefore arrive, by a series of few logical and mathematical steps, at an Eternal First Being who created our temporal Universe."

So let's debate/discuss this important topic, I might write an article about it for the main site shortly. Verses to start off the discussion, showing this is a most ancient Biblical Judeo-Christian belief. The Saints of the true God are not false gods; they are not gods, but God's Friends. They intercede for us, just like even other believers here on Earth do. If you disagree, pls explain why with verses of your own. God Bless.

1. 2 Macc 15:12 "And this was his vision: That Onias, who had been high priest, a virtuous and a good man, reverend in conversation, gentle in condition, well spoken also, and exercised from a child in all points of virtue, holding up his hands prayed for the whole body of the Jews. 13This done, in like manner there appeared a man with gray hairs, and exceeding glorious, who was of a wonderful and excellent majesty.

14Then Onias answered, saying, This is a lover of the brethren, who prayeth much for the people, and for the holy city, to wit, Jeremias the prophet of God. 15Whereupon Jeremias holding forth his right hand gave to Judas a sword of gold, and in giving it spake thus, 16Take this holy sword, a gift from God, with the which thou shalt wound the adversaries."

Here we see Old Testament Saints like Onias and Jeremiah - who had died long before the historical time of the Maccabees - to be in fact alive in Heaven per the Bible and praying for God's People.

2. Rev 5:8 "And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints."

Here we see the Saints in Heaven are alive, not dead, and that they are offering prayers to God. We recall from the Gospel that Jesus Christ likewise told the Sadducees - correcting their erroneous beliefs on the subject - that God, the God of Abraham, is the God of the Living, i.e. that Abraham and Moses, and other Saints are Living in Heaven. God Bless.
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So, let's discuss the Rapture in this thread. The other day I was in a Twitter Space discussing it. I asked a simple question based on the below:

Believers Who Have Died
"13 Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. 14 For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. 15 According to the Lordís word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. 16 For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. 18 Therefore encourage one another with these words." (1 Thess 4:13-18)

My question was: "have the dead in Christ risen"? I.e. Has the Resurrection (of the Saints) taken place?

According to this verse, the sequence is that the Rapture happens after the Resurrection. Now, since the Resurrection obviously takes place after the Tribulation, how can the Rapture take place before it?

The Biblical sequence is: Tribulation >= Resurrection >= Rapture at the 2nd Coming.

The Bible says in the above Passage that the Rapture cannot take place until the Resurrection does.QED

Thoughts? God Bless.
Boom! And so it begins. Over 70 Faith Leaders endorse Pro-Life Catholic Governor Ron De Santis, as he begins his Faith and Freedom Coalition. As I mentioned earlier, many Evangelicals are supporting De Santis because of his Conservative Christian Record; but, good to see many Catholics too.

EXCLUSIVE: DeSantis To Announce Endorsements From Over 70 Faith Leaders In Early States

roll out the list of names of the faith leaders from the early voting states later Thursday.

ďAs a husband and father, Ron DeSantis is a man of faith and as a leader, heís shown his resolve in defending religious liberty. I am excited to join this Faith and Family coalition and support Ron DeSantis for president because I know he will execute the same strong leadership in the White House as heís done in Florida: protecting life, defending our right to worship, and defending religious liberties,Ē Pastor and Iowa State Rep. Jon Dunwell said in a statement.

Here Is A Full List Of Endorsements:

Dale Akkerman, Development Director at Timothy Christian School (Grundy)
Pastor Bryan Anderson, Tabernacle Baptist Church (Lyon)
Pastor Gary Axtell, Grace Baptist Church (Madison)
Kathleen Banowetz, Head of Prayer Team (Linn)
Pastor Joseph Brown, Marion Avenue Baptist Church (Washington)
Pastor David Bush, Fit for the King Ministry (Polk)
Pastor Mark Cannon, Hope Baptist Church (Scott)
Pastor Brad Cranston, Iowa Baptists for Biblical Values (Des Moines)
Pastor Rick David (Linn)
Pastor Mark Doland, Church of Christ (Tama)
Gwendy Doland, Youth and Womenís Small Group Leader at New Hope Christian Church (Tama)
Pastor & Representative Jon Dunwell (Jasper)
Pastor Kirk Evans, Indianola Church of Christ (Warren)
Pastor Lance Fricke, Triumphant Church (Buchanan)
Janice Fricke, Triumphant Church (Buchanan)
Evangelist Caleb Garraway, Remnant Ministries (Washington)
Senator Jesse Green, Bible Class Teacher at Trinity Lutheran (Boone)
Pastor Michael Griswold, Marion Avenue Baptist Church (Washington)
Minister Matthew Haynie, Ogden Church of Christ (Boone)
Pastor Jessten Heimer, Trinity Lutheran Church and School (Boone)
Pastor Jeremy Higgins, Calvary Community Church (Linn)
Brooke Higgins, Womenís Ministry Teacher at Calvary Community Church (Linn)
Pastor Abe Koehn, Marion Avenue Baptist Church (Washington)
Tom Law, Calvary Community Church (Linn)
Pastor Matt Magee, Oak Grove Church (Benton)
Pastor Ed Matthews, Bible Baptist Church (Wapello)
Pastor Harerimana Nshoreyingabo, Redeemed Fellowship Center (Polk)
Pastor Alfonso Perez, Miracle Life Family Church (Polk)
Pastor Marcial Perez, New Dawn Ministries (Polk)
Pastor Terry Pollard, Eastside Church of Nazarene (Polk)
Sean Sanford, Youth Leader and Small Group Leader (Linn)
Pastor Joyce Schmidt, St. Olaf Lutheran Church (Humboldt)
Pastor Scott Sokol (Hancock)
Pastor John Vermeer, Doon United Reformed Church (Lyon)
Matt Wells, Lay Leader at Marion Avenue Baptist Church (Washington)
Reverend Shane Wilson, Iglesia Espiritu y Verdad (Polk)
New Hampshire
Pastor Jim Anan, Elevate Church (Grafton)
Pastor Garry Hamilton, Tower Hill Church (Rockingham)
Pastor Andrew Hemingway, Hill Village Bible Church (Merrimack)
Jon Leslie, Menís Ministry Lead, Deerfield Bible Church (Rockingham)
Representative Maureen Mooney, Catholics for DeSantis (Hillsborough)
Representative Jeanine Notter, Catholics for DeSantis (Hillsborough)
Pastor Steve Pauwels, Church of the King (Rockingham)
Canon & Representative Mark Pearson, Institute for Christian Renewal (Rockingham)
Pastor Todd Walker, Crossroads Church (Grafton)
Former State Representative Phyllis Woods, Catholics for DeSantis (Strafford)
South Carolina
Lin Bennett, Pro-Life Advocate (Charleston)
Connie Boswell-Smith, Faith Outreach Leader (Richland)
Kathy Bustos, Former President of the Womens Club at Stella Marris Catholic Church (Charleston)
Pastor Scott Crede, Northside Church (Lexington)
Pastor Scott Davis, Calvary Baptist Church (Spartanburg)
Jackie Edgerton, Senior Director of Office Stewardship at Diocese of Charleston (Charleston)
Colin Edgerton, St. John the Baptist Latin Choir Member, Stella Marris Catholic Church (Charleston)
Lindsey Farmer, Teacher at Oakwood Christian School (Anderson)
Bill Hixon, Deacon at First Baptist Church of North Augusta (Aiken)
Pastor Michael Jones, Oakwood Baptist Church (Anderson)
Josh Kimbrell, Former Christian Radio Talk-Show Host (Spartanburg)
Kenneth Matesevac, Head Deacon at Colonial Hills Baptist Church (Greenville)
Donna McDowell, Family Foundations Leader at Grace United Methodist Church (Aiken)
Ken McDowell, Finance Committee at Grace United Methodist Church (Aiken)
Gregory Rankin, Pastor of Langston Baptist Church (Laurens)
Peter Rankin, Nursing Home Chaplain (Laurens)
Kari Joy Rankin, Event Coordinator for Rock of Ages Family Music (Laurens)
Pastor Derek Renshaw, Blythewood Baptist Church (Fairfield)
Pastor Darren Rood, Bellview Baptist Church (Laurens)
Isabel Rood, Ladies Director at Bellview Baptist Church (Laurens)
Reverend Tim Squire, Rantowles Baptist Church (Charleston)
Brenda Stewart, Founder of Upstate Pregnancy Center (Laurens)
Idell Koury, Sunday School Teacher at First Baptist North Spartanburg (Greenville)
Timothy Thompson, Church Leader at Lighthouse Baptist Church (Lexington)
Molly Watson, Teacher at Oakwood Christian School (Anderson)
John Weinbrenner, Christian Author (York)
Pastor Seth Wilkins, Grace Baptist Church (Orangeburg)
Pastor Austin Williams, First Baptist Church (Laurens)
ďA true leader knows that in times of trial, God must be at the center of our lives. During COVID, leftist bureaucrats closed churches and tried to keep us from worshiping, but Ron DeSantis stood against the current and defended religious liberty. Thatís why Iím proud to support DeSantis for President and to join his national faith and family coalition,Ē Pastor Andrew Hemingway of Hill Village Bible Church in New Hampshire said in a statement.

Polling shows DeSantis currently in second place in the GOP presidential primary behind former President Donald Trump. He has been traveling across the country since his announcement.

ďNot all politicians say the right things, but I have found Ron DeSantis to articulate the policies I believe in. He is committed to fighting for the unborn, opposing woke ideology, protecting free speech, advocating for school choice and limiting big government. While he does not just say the right things, he has a proven track record of doing the right things. This is why I am proud to support his run for presidency by joining the national faith and family coalition,Ē Pastor Michael Jones of Oakwood Baptist Church in South Carolina stated."
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