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Author Topic: Y Chromosomal Adam and Mitochondrial Eve: Polygenism and probabilistic considerations  (Read 18 times)

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I will briefly outline why the Truth of this matter is quite different from what Liberals commonly claim about it.

First, let's begin with what both sides agree on:

1. Firstly, every human male alive today was found to have descended - derived his Y-Chromosome - from a Historical Figure in the past, whom researchers called Y-Chromosomal Adam. That means, at a minimum, that every other man beside Y-Chromosomal Adam, if they existed, must conveniently have had their descendants die out in the male line.

2. Secondly, the same is true for every human female/every woman. Every woman alive today derives her Mitochondrial DNA from Mitochondrial Eve. Once more, by yet another of those naturalistic miracles, it just so conveniently and inexplicably happens that every single woman descended from every single woman other than M-Eve (of whom there should be billions) died out in the female line.

3. Consider this: the world's population just recently crossed 8 BN. Let's approximate there are 4 BN males and 4 BN females. Logically, if humanity either began, or at one time was reduced to even just at least 2 couples, 4 people (leave aside the 10000 or so they claim), would you not expect, roughly, more or less, there to be 2 BN descended from each of those 4 people today? Yes, of course you should, for we have assumed nothing about either couple, and thus their offspring or progeny should be more or less uniformly distributed among living humans today. So why aren't they? Why don't we find Billions of people with Y-chromosomes or M-Dna other than from this Y-Adam and M-Eve?

4. Polygenists will tell us that Y-Adam and M-Eve were allegedly not the only people alive at the time, but they have never proved this. If indeed it were so, we would be willing to consider if it there solid evidence for that Truth, as there would be for any Truth. But there isn't.

5. Again, consider the simple thought experiment. Let's say, in addition to Adam and Eve, A&E, there were allegedly, Betty and Charles. And even that supposedly, to take their polygenist theory as far as they do, that Adam supposedly wasn't married to Eve, let's assume Adam and Betty were a couple, and similarly Charles and Eve. This is a slight simplification, as polygenists propose far wilder things; but this suffices to show the absurdities to which polygenism would lead to. So, the question, where are the Billions of men with Y-Chromosomes from Charles? with M-DNA from Betty? Some simple probabilistic calculations would show that, given what we observe, it's vanishingly unlikely this hypothetical Charles and Betty ever existed. It's perfectly reasonable, on the basis of observational evidence, to infer that all men today are descended from Adam, because Adam was the only man existing at the time, and all women today are descended from M-Eve, because M-Eve was the only woman at the time. If I'm wrong, pls explain why with reasons.

If we had billions of women with M-DNA from women other than M-Eve, or similarly with men, that would be good, solid evidence in favor of polygenism. But the observational evidence is vastly different from that, and thus clearly favors monogenism.

Let's Debate.
God Bless,

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